We are witnessing multiple uncertainties and crises in the world today. Denial of safe abortion as a right and an essential service, climate crisis, fundamentalism, authoritarianism, shrinking spaces for citizen participation, backlash against human rights activists, censorship by tech companies etc. Global inequalities in the world due to political, social, and economic factors is another reality. The young people who are witnessing the crisis of today are also the leaders for social change in the society. They are the leaders of the feminist movements, reproductive justice and climate justice movements. Their activism for social justice work is important to build a fair and equal world.

Youth Talk Abortion will be a facilitated online workshop series designed by youth advocates for youth advocates in the age group of 18-35 to to strengthen the capacity of the young abortion rights activists and strengthen the abortion rights movement. Post the workshop series, the participants will be invited to join the YANAA network as members to continue the dialogue with other youth advocates from other contexts and regions.

Youth advocates in the age group of 18-35 who are committed to the cause of abortion rights and its intersections with climate justice, bodily autonomy etc., working on SRHR from all the world regions. You must have received basic training on abortion rights. You must have access to the Internet as the sessions will run online. The medium of instruction of the workshop is English with translations in Spanish.

The workshop series will run over a period of one month starting mid- September. We will hold one facilitated session on Zoom every week for 1.5 hours with an expert. The Zoom sessions will be mandatory for participants to attend. The details of the sessions will be communicated to you in advance over email.