This year we want to create as much buzz as possible around our campaign and increase visibility, both online and offline, through stories, user generated content, media, events, and social media. These are the four main areas we will be working on:



This year we are using shoes in September 28 signature actions, as a symbol of agency and diversity. There are several ways you can contribute:

  • Abortion Stories as Common and Diverse as Shoes – Be part of the PHOTO-SHOE! Join the campaign and invite others to symbolically “step into our shoes,” by sending a photo of your shoes together with your story of why you chose to have an abortion, or why you support access to safe abortion services. You can send your photo to sept28@wgnrr.org or via social media using the hashtag #StepIntoOurShoes. *Feel free to choose any shoes, boots, sandals, or footwear that you wish – you can even go barefoot!
  • Share September 28 Materials – including a series which features excerpts from diverse stories of individuals who have had an abortion. You can share our videos and other content, as well as that of our partners. This year let’s make empathy go viral!


  1. Mobilize & Engage

We want to create a splash and raise global and local awareness about access to safe abortion services. The goal is to pin a shoe related activity to a map and create a global map of action and get attention from your community, governments and media. You can do this in several ways:


  • Mobilize for a local SHOE-A-THON: Organize your local community network of reproductive justice activists for an artistic installation! Bring as many shoes as you can to a strategic location (public park, plaza, garden, etc). Try to create the longest line possible with the shoes, as a symbol of the number of people in your community who support access to safe abortion services. Or you can hang the shoes as a display, with abortion stories or testimonials placed inside them, for passersby to read. Alternatively, arrange your shoes into a visual display of the words “Sept 28”!


  1. Organize an Event
  • Host an awareness raising activity, event, or workshop to share stories and/or discuss how abortion stigma and related stereotypes restrict access to safe and legal abortion in your community. Let’s facilitate conversations to help point out and address commonalities and systemic issues surrounding safe and legal abortion, while also normalizing the experience.


  1. Online
  • Post, share, tweet, and snap! This year we want to reach as many people as possible with our diverse abortion stories from all parts of the world!
  • Visit www.september28.org and check out our September 28 Campaign Toolkit for more details and suggested actions!