2017 #IResistWePersist!

In past years, activists and advocates shared selfies explaining why abortion should be safe and legal in their countries, and why they were speaking out against abortion stigma. Out of their submissions, we created beautiful Virtual Murals.

This year, we are continuing the efforts of collecting pictures and photos from all around the world so we can create a #IResistWePersist mural of resistance stories.

You can send a photo of your poster sharing how you resist the recent rollbacks on SRHR! It can be ways big and small!

Check out some examples here (click on the images to enlarge):

This will lead to an interactive, artistic and visual collection of resistance strategies which you will be able to see, read and share.

Resistance Poster Steps:

  1. Write down in a piece of cardboard/paper a strategy you use to resist and persist, if you want you can share details like your age/country etc.
  2. Snap a photo of your poster! Then email the photo of your poster to sept28global@wgnrr.org. All photo contributions will be a part of the resistance mural. Photos and stories will also be posted on the September 28 website and WGNRR Facebook page.

Thanks for participating!


2016 Photo-Shoe VIRTUAL MURAL

(Click on the images to read the testimonials/messages of support)

Thanks for participating! CHECK OUT THE 2015 VIRTUAL MURAL!