Thanks for participating! CHECK OUT THE 2015 VIRTUAL MURAL!

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During 2013 and 2014, activists and advocates shared selfies explaining why abortion should be safe and legal in their countries, and/or why they wanted to speak out against #abortionstigma. Out of their submissions we created a beautiful Virtual Mural.This year we’re continuing the efforts and collecting selfies from all over the world to Bust The Myths surrounding abortion!

How can you contribute to the Virtual Mural?

1. Download the template HERE! Virtual Mural Template (321)

Descárgalo en Español AQUÍ Mural Virtual (314)

2. Write down one of the common myths surrounding abortion in your country or community. (Please add your name and country. You can also translate the myth into your own language.

3. Take a selfie! Then email the selfies to All photo contributions will be a part of the virtual mural. With your permission, selfies will also be posted on September 28 website and WGNRR Facebook page.

  • If you don’t want to take a selfie but still wish to share your views on abortion stigma and the most prevalent myths surrounding abortion in your region, submit messages by filling-up the following form!
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2. Send the link to this page to your colleagues, friends, fellow students, and invite them to do the same as you did.


You can view the selected submission in this digital world map which we encourage you to download, print and share with your fellow women’s right activists.

To download the printable version of the Mural, please click here. You can print the Mural as a poster or as a backdrop banner. There is plenty of spare space which can be used during the interactive part of your September 28 event, wherein you can invite people to write on the wall their own reason for abortion to be safe and legal in your country.

You can also view the FULL GALLERY of pictures and words by clicking on the image below:
Viretual Gallery