MOROCCO: Legalise abortion in Morocco

Because a woman dies every ten minutes from the consequences of unsafe abortion. Because we count from 600 to 800 illegal abortions every day in Morocco. Because unsafe abortion is a major cause of maternal mortality. Because women have always aborted and will continue to have an abortion, because abortion ban does not prevent an illegal practice and because the obligation to continue an unwanted pregnancy makes it a high-risk pregnancy. Because we do not have an abortion by chance, by pleasure, lightly. Because our bodies and our health are our property, because we are free women, we defend the right to abortion … We ask the repeal of sections 449 to 458 of the Moroccan Penal Code which condemn any woman who has an abortion or attempts to do so, as anyone who aid and encourage, including doctors. Put an end to illegal practices that have many dangers by providing access legal abortion, health checked to save lives. READ  MORE