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#AbortionStigma is one of the main obstacles towards ensuring the availability and accessibility of comprehensive abortion services.

The stigma surrounding abortion shames and silences individuals seeking abortion, individuals who have had an abortion, and healthcare providers in this line of work, thereby serving as a major contributor to unsafe abortions, and subjecting countless persons to grave human rights violations.

Imagine a world free from abortion stigma! What could that look like…

· for people who need abortions?

· for abortion providers?

· for those who support people having abortions?

How might laws and policies governing abortion change?

In honor of September 28th, we invite you to share your words, pictures or short videos to illustrate a world free of abortion stigma.


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Stand up for abortion rights!
Become part of the virtual mural today!

This is what you can do. And please do it in your own language if you like.

To make things easier please use the “Select language” button to read the instructions in your language.

Option 1

Grab your smartphone or a photo/video camera, think of what you want to say and record a 15-30 seconds video. You can start with an opening sentence “I am speaking out against abortion stigma because …” or choose your own format.

Share the file through social media @inroadsglobal (#abortionstigma, #Sept28) or contact us at to get the instructions on file sharing.

We will add the September 28 campaign theme to your video together with your credits. The videos will be made available on this website and circulated as part of September 28 campaign.

Sample Video

Option 3

    1. Complete the phrase “I am speaking out against #AbortionStigma because …” or write in a free flow format your thoughts on how you envision a world free of #AbortionStigma"

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    "I am speaking out against #abortionstigma because..."

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    2. Send the link to this page to your colleagues, friends, fellow students, and invite them to do the same as you did.


    Option 2

    1. Take a whiteboard or a placard and write down the completed sentence “I am speaking out against #AbortionStigma because _______” or write down your thoughts in a free flow format.
    2. Take a picture of yourself with the placard.
    3. Send the picture to Please mention your name and your country.
      If you are an organisation and you want your logo to be placed on the Virtual Mural page, please mention the name of the organisation in your submission and send the logo image of your organisation to


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