Women’s Center

Event: Building Critical Thinking Among Youth Through Promotion Safe Abortion

Date: September 28, 2013

Type of event: Awareness raising activity : meeting with large group of ethnic minority, special publish brochure on safe abortion into two language Georgian, Azerbaijan

Description of event : target audience per-to peer educators and university teachers , doctors youth . We expect that about 60 person take part in Kvemo –Kartly regionand villages. Activity aims to support behavior change and behavior development through adequate knowledge, critical thinking, attitudes and skills to solve problems, make informed choices, and protect themselves from harm as they maneuver through adolescence into adulthood.

Speakers : MD.PH ob/gyn Ia Verulashvili, head of Reproductive Youth Group Mrs Marieta Kakiashvili , Head of NGO Azerbaijan Women Union Mrs Leila Suleimanova , representative Shida Kartly volunteer youth group Mansur Mamedov

Expected Results:
The main problem of delivering information on the choice of safe abortion, full range of modern contraceptives, and services on SRR is that community speak only in their native language and pure integrate into basic Georgian society . Publication information on safe abortion will effect onimproving quality of youth life through developing behaviors that promote lifelong health and wellness and help them navigate a safe passage to adulthood, through youth volunteer involvement , peer-to to peer educators will be distributed information at the level of high school and universities.