Womanhealth Philippines and WGNRR

Event: Roundtable discussion

Date: September 30, 2013


Governments around the world continue to violate their commitments to promote, uphold and fulfil women’s rights, recognised 20 years ago in the declaration and programme of action, adopted by the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna on 25 June 1993.

The Philippine government in particular violates women’s human rights by not acting on laws and policies that will enable women to make their own reproductive choices and have control over all aspects of their lives.

As a consequence, about half a million Filipino women die every year due to lack of service provision and society’s hostility, indifference and/or neglect. Moreover, women have been left alone with their agonies and to suffer in silence. That we have tolerated this public health and human tragedy to this day challenges our conscience and humanity. It challenges us to break the silence and the stigma that shroud the most controversial issue about women – the issue of abortion.

We cannot let women suffer and ignore the impact ofabortion stigma which prevents women openly seeking support and services when most needed. We need to act on preventing misinformation and counter the lack of recognition of women’s abortion experience. For this reason, we invite you to an intimate Roundtable Discussion on Woman and Abortion to break the silence on this topic with a select group of women and young women and to share stories, feelings and insights with honesty, in an open, non-judgemental environment. This event will be held on Monday September 30, at 1:00 – 5:00 pm (venue to be confirmed later) and is by invitation only.

The aim of the roundtable discussion is to provide a space to explore the issue of abortion and post abortion care, and to confront abortion stigma and misinformation. Let’s talk and begin to destigmatise the issue that affects so many women’s lives in the Philippines.