WGNRR and Collective Mujer y Salud

WGNRR continues strengthen its relationship with LAC strategic partners in the region and have started having more presence. In occasion of September 28, we continue working closely with September 28 LAC Campaign, sharing strategies, information, materials and resources. Our Advocacy and Programme Manager, Vanessa Coria, will be visiting Dominican Republic in a few days, to take part in the following events, co-hosted by WGNRR, September 28 Campaign in LAC, Colectiva Mujer y Salud, among other organisations:

– Visit to the Embassies of those countries where abortion is totally criminalised (September 30th)

– Media and Social Networks Campaign

– Workshop for young lawyers for the defence of sexual and reproductive rights, and abortion advocacy strategies facilitated by WGNRR. This workshop is also co-hosted by Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defence of Women’s Rights- CLADEM (October 4th)

– Seminar on strategies for the decriminalization of Abortion in LAC. WGNRR will present the legal strategies (October 14th)

– Participation in the Sept 28 LAC Campaign Assembly (October 14thCelebrations reports and highlights from all over the world During the course of the last week of September and the first week of October when most of the campaigning events will be taking place we will be publishing the immediate impressions from the events at this part of the website.