How can we Make Unsafe Abortion History?

Partners and allies gathered at the online #MakeUnsafeAbortionHistory: A Global South Conversation on Safe Abortion last September 24, 2021, 8:00PM – 9:30PM (GMT+8).

Each speaker was able to engage a conversation on the various contexts of safe abortion rights.

The regional discussions were conducted by Sai Jyothirmai (Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women), Nondo Ejano (WGNRR Africa), and Grecia Lozano (Optio), who spoke on #MakeUnsafeAbortionHistory in the Contexts of Asia, Africa, and Latin America respectively.

The sectoral discussions were led by Pushpa Joshi Pradman (Yo SHAN), Phylis Mbeke (Women Spaces Africa), and Judy Ann Chan-Miranda (Partido Manggagawa), who discussed safe abortion rights from the perspective of young people, people living with disability, and working women/urban sector respectively.

In synthesis, Atty. Jihan Jacob of the Center for Reproductive Rights underscored four key themes in strategies to make unsafe abortion history. Decriminalization of abortion must encompass and go beyond liberalizations of abortion laws and lifting of common restrictions. There is also a need to develop of telemedicine channels for abortion needs, while improving access to self-managed abortions during a time of pandemic. Equity entails that not only must abortion and abortion care access be universally available, but the ways and means of which are respective of individual contexts, challenges, and needs. Lastly, intersectionality upholds safe abortion rights as a human rights, public health, gender equality, social justice and class issue.

#AbortionIsHealthcare #28Sept

Visual Notes created by artist, Imawan Rahadianto.

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