September 28 is International Safe Access to Abortion Day. It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate this date in Australia. Abortion is not legal in every state (shock!) and safe access is still not guaranteed in those states that have decriminalised.

Come raise a glass with us on Sunday afternoon and cheers to the hard work and success of the pro-choice movement. The good folk at The Duke have been kind enough to open on a Sunday arvo for us, so please come along and support our fabulous community.

We have a lot worth celebrating here in Tasmania! We can’t forget the local legends that put in the hard yards for decriminalisation in 2013 and continue to tirelessly advocate for safe and affordable access in our state.

There is still plenty of work to be done to iron out that tired old stigma which is why these events are as important as ever. Come along and show the world that we are pro-choice and united.

If you can’t make it raise a glass at home and send us a picture or share online with the hashtag #cheersforchoice.

This is an inclusive space, please be respectful of everybody
Anybody and every body is welcome as long as your pro-choice and respectful