Tanzania Safe Abortion Advocacy Network

Organisers: Women’s Promotion Centre + 7 members of Tanzania Safe  Abortion Advocacy Network

Name of the event: Stop Unsafe abortion! It kills our Daughters

City: Kigoma

Date: 28 Sept 2012

Type of the event: Forum


It will be a joint awareness raising activity aimed at highlighting the tall of unsafe abortion in Tanzania and its consequences on women’s and adolescents’ health and lives, the ground on which abortion is permitted in Tanzania and it’s impact to women’s health and the draft Reproductive Health bill, and the importance of advocating for safe and legal abortion in Tanzania.

Eight (8) NGOs forming the Kigoma base of Tanzania Safe Abortion Advocacy Network and their partners/allies will be attending the meeting. A total of 65 people are expected to attend.

The Speakers are 2 female: Martha Jerome (32yrs) & Salome Joseph (26yrs) from WPC and 1 male: Nemes John (39yrs) from KIVIDEA.

The expected outcome is increased awareness on the consequences of unsafe abortion and its link to restrictive laws and increased adherence to safe abortion campaign in Tanzania.