Taller Salud

Event: Artistic demonstration

Date: September 28, 2012


Event: Radio programme on the radio Momento X: Sin Tabu (www.bonitaradio.net)

Abortion from the perspective of young people

Date: September 15 Time: 4 pm

The radio can programme can be accessed through this link


Event: Campaign September 28 – “Yo aborté y estoy en paz” (I had an abortion and I am in peace).

Taller Salud chose five different stories of women who have had abortions sometime in their life and are at peace with their decisions. These women made a conscious and informed choice.

The campaign is a response to changes in the new Criminal Code adopted in Puerto Rico, which punishes with imprisonment of three years for women who have abortions in the island, even though according to decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court and PR, abortion is a constitutional right protected by the right to privacy.

This Sept. 28, 2012, women demand that there will be no step back on reproductive rights that we have achieved. We are convinced that the states can not impose a single moral to the diversity of thoughts and beliefs of the people in a country. Women should be able to decide about our bodies, our sexuality and our lives.












This activity is part of the regional  September 28  campaign for Decriminalisation of Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean