September 28 is an Action Day! This day is an excellent opportunity for mobilising communities and staging rallies so that from different places in the globe our one demand will be clearly heard – access to safe, legal and accessible abortion! When #IResistWePersist !


    1. Join the Cacerolazo for abortion rights! They may try and gag us but we won’t be silenced. Join the Cacerolazo resistance at 1pm in your time zone, and join us in making noise against the Global Gag Rule. Gag yourself with a piece of fabric as a reference to the Global Gag Rule, while using a pot or pan to make noise and demonstrate your resistance to any attempted restrictions on abortion services. Organize a march or sit-in with your network of reproductive justice allies, or upload a video/photo of yourself making noise with #IResistWePersist to social media. Wear the color black to symbolize coordination and unity with the movement.


    1. Organize a community resistance event! Organize/Host a community discussion to talk about rollbacks such as the Global Gag Rule, and their impact on local SRH services. You can also use the booklet; “Resist and Persist – a Short Booklet of Global Abortion Advocacy Achievements” to learn more about historic and ongoing forms of resistance undertaken by SRHR activists worldwide and start a conversation about what kind of strategies could be implemented in your communities. We encourage you to include cultural performances and/or screenings, as well as to invite relevant stakeholders such as local health officials and policy makers to increase SRH service delivery in the absence of international support.


    1. Join the online resistance! 3 hour twitter rally (10am to 1pm your time zone) promoting the messaging and hashtag of the campaign! You can download the Resistance toolkit with suggested messages




    1. #IresistWepersist: Share with us the small and different ways in which you resist by sending us a message written by YOU! We will create a big, virtual hub of resistance where we can see the extent of resistance happening globally in numbers and so we can also share and learn from different experiences of resistance from all over the world. Use the hashtag #IresistWepersist to share on social media or email us directly on



    1. Colouring the Resistance! SRHR Colouring Book! Take some time to colour exciting slogans and images, including some images inspired by young feminist artist Hana Shafi! You can download the colouring book from and print! Display your coloured images in your work space or home, or upload to social media using #IresistWepersist and continue to raise awareness!


  • Check out our September 28 Campaign Toolkit for more details and suggested actions!

If you plan to organise your own action event, please inform us!
We will be happy to provide you with any support you might need for this day and with your permission we will publish your activity on the ACTIONS page of the website.