Swedish Association for Sexuality Education

RFSU is planning for a small campaign on September 28th where we mainly focus on the Swedish Abortion Law and the major importance of protecting the right to abortion as a human right. In Sweden, as well as all over Europe we see a growing anti-choice opposition and we would like to bring out positive arguments for the right to abortion and kill some myths for awareness raising.

Activities planned:

  • Development of a flyer with a background and arguments for the right to abortion and myths about abortion.
  • Deliver the flyers to Swedish Parliamentarians to raise awareness of the Day and the importance of taking action, nationally as well as globally.
  • Social media campaign, inviting women’s rights activists and spokespersons for reproductive rights among others to share the arguments and myths in their internet-based social forums.
  • Involvement of RFSU’s local branches to share the flyers and spread the word about the day.

We expect that this will result in fruitful discussions and we prepare ourselves for taking the debate forward.



Information about the event obtained from The International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion http://www.safeabortionwomensright.org/