Shirkat Gah

Event: Networking With Outreach Organizations

This September 28 Shirkat Gah with support from WGNRR and Ipas Pakistan is holding a networking meeting of the outreach organizations wishing to work on Safe Abortion with their urban counterparts in Karachi. This would facilitate sharing of experiences of how to tackle an issue considered taboo by many. This meeting would be an opportunity to discuss advocacy plans and/or strategies of different organizations and individuals working on the issue of unsafe abortions, and to see where efforts can be synergized. We also hope to involve media and start raising this issue on a wider platform.

Statistics for Pakistan paint a bleak picture in terms of reproductive health and rights. Contraceptive prevalence rate stands low with corresponding high levels of fertility. Abortion is often turned to as a means of family planning and many of these are performed in a clandestine and unsafe manner, contributing to the country’s high maternal mortality rate.

We hope September 28 will be the beginning of collective efforts all over the country.