September 28 in Nicaragua

Nicaragua posterDate: September 27, 2013

The main activities to commemorate September 28 in Nicaragua:
Public Mobilisation to emphasise our right to decide, to accuse the State of Nicaragua of violating women’s human rights and  to highlight the
institutional violence that prevails in our country.

Radio Network for the Right to Decide will broadcast through WAVE program which uses approximately 40 local radio stations across the country.

Member organizations of the national campaign, will be conducting forums, workshops and talks on Free Choice as a human right for women.
Alongside the various expressions of the women’s movement in Nicaragua, we are organising activities to protest the state’s claim to reform Law 779, Law against Violence against women (just one year of operation), which aims to reform several articles, including adding back the figure of the MEDIATION that is prohibited for any offense built in this law. This would be another legal setback as the criminalization of abortion in Nicaragua.