Sept 28 around the word: Aspirin, #AbortionStigma; and a Call to Arms!

In E02 of The Quietude, we talk to two amazing activists, Maria Jose (Majo) Rivas, and Shubha Kayastha, about what abortion stigma looks like; how holding aspirin between your knees is the best contraceptive ever; and what an abortion stigma-free world might look like. We discuss (dis)similarities in contexts, and talk about some of our own experiences with abortion stigma and the barriers we’ve witnessed and known.

This podcast is a humble contribution to the #Sept28 Campaign, the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion. You can learn more about the campaign here: There are a number of events taking place across the world, do check for what’s happening in your city and please, please, please do show up to support the rights and autonomies of people over their own bodies!

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