Sept28 Events in Indonesia

Samsara Indonesia is launching events in Jogjakarta in support of Sept28 Global Day of Action. Please find below list of activities:

  1. Flashmob (September 24, Sunday)

Flashmob at an open public space where locals in Jogjakarta gather for Sunday exercises. Samsara staff will be wearing symbolic t-shirts dancing to the tune of Better When I Am Dancing and will chant  “My Body My Authority.” They will also share #28September campaign stickers to the people at the square.

  1. Video Challenge

Video Challenge starts from September 17-28 entitled #MybodyChallenge. The #HandsOff concept will require participants to show movements whilst being gagged and unable to speak up. The background music comes from Yacko, with the track Handsoff and we also invite the artist, Yacko to participate in the campaign as well.

  1. Movie Screening (September 28)

The safe abortion chains of events will be capped by movie screening and discussion on abortion. We are highly concerned about the security of the participants due to the highly sensitive issue therefore we will only send closed invitation. Closed invitation means we will only invite members of our circle. Members who are interested shall send us their names, institution and social media accounts which we will verify first before disclosing the location and schedule of the movie screening 2 days before the due date. We also have a wide range of interviewees such as activist, filmmaker and medical worker.

  1. Social Media

We are organizing a handful of social media activities and we will use twitter, IG and Facebook. The campaign will consist of teaser, quiz and polling. Details provided below:

  • Twitter: We will conduct a tweetathon about the history of September 28 and change our profile picture.
  • Instagram: That’s right! Our video challenge is also a kind of quiz. Those who obtain more likes will win our quiz and grab interesting souvenirs from Samsara. All #MybodyChallenge videos will also be broadcasted on our IG account.