In this section you will find a list of  resources that provide useful insights and practical suggestions for those working with the policy makers. The resources equally offer a serious of country specific examples as well as an overview of legal and policy considerations in relation to abortion provision.

Economic Impact of Unsafe Abortion Related Morbidity and Mortality: Evidence and Estimation Challenges

Source: Institute of Development Studies

A backgrounder outlining the economic impact of death related to unsafe abortion, its relation to public policy and areas that require further research.


The Decriminalization of Abortion: A Human Rights Imperative

Source: Sexual Rights Initiative

Discusses the criminalization of abortion as a violation of women’s reproductive rights. The policy brief explores the negative impacts of unsafe abortion as a result of its criminalization. The brief calls for the decriminalization of abortion as a necessary step for the realization of women’s human rights.


Legalization Alone Does Not Guarantee Availability of Safe Abortion Services
Source: AWID

Discussion on the results of a study examining the implementation and impact of legal reforms to abortion in Cambodia, Columbia, Ethiopia, Mexico City, Nepal and South Africa. Indicates that access to legal abortion is not enough to actually decreasing unsafe abortion and that increasing safe abortion requires sustained commitment and dedicated resources.

Mid-level healthcare providers are a safe alternative to doctors for first trimester abortions in developing countries

Source: WHO

A policy brief that describes how mid-level healthcare providers can be critical in increasing access to safe abortion when there is a limited number of doctors available to perform the procedure.


Providing Medical Abortion in Low-Resource Settings: An Introductory Guidebook

Source: Gynuity Health Projects

A tool for medical providers and policy makers for describing medical methods of safe abortion including evidence based regimes and practical consideration for introducing the method as part of abortion care.


Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems

Source: WHO

A comprehensive report on abortion care with some country-specific context as well as an overview of legal and policy considerations in relation to abortion provision.


Saving Women’s Lives: The Health Impact of Unsafe Abortion

Source: Family Care International

A report on a conference held in Malaysia in 2003 that over 130 participants attended to address the issue of unsafe abortion in the Asia-Pacific region. The report details research on unsafe abortion and outcomes of the conference.


What Policy Makers Can Do

Source: ICMA

Actions policy makers can take in order to improve women’s health and access to safe abortion including some country-specific legal examples.