In this section you will find a list of useful resources that capacitate SRHR advocates to conduct effective advocacy to improve access to abortion services by improving skills in campaigning, lobbying and community education among others.

10 Ways to Effectively Address Unsafe Abortion

Source: IPAS
Discussions 10 actions that can be taken to bring about improvements to women’s health related to abortion. It also includes a short discussion about the 1995 ICPD Programme of Action.


Freedom of Choice: A Youth Activist’s Guide to Safe Abortion Advocacy [2013]

Source: Youth Coalition

Young women’s access to abortion touches on some of the most sensitive issues in cultures around the world: the role of parents, community and religious leaders in decision-making on the issue of children and adolescents and youth sexuality. It is within this context that this guide seeks to empower young activists working on sexual and reproductive rights with the information and context needed to become strong advocates for young women’s right to abortion.


Addressing the Consequences of Unsafe Abortion: Insights from the Pathfinder Program Experience

Source: Pathfinder International

A detailed report about projects and programs undertaken internationally to address unsafe abortion and their effectiveness. The report also discusses particular issues within safe abortion advocacy including improving treatment of incomplete abortion complications, strengthening postabortion contraception and reducing the instances of abortion.


Advocacy Kit: Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health

Source: Advocates for Youth
Skills and information on how to advocate for youth sexual and reproductive health and rights including media campaigns, lobbying, community education and working with teens and religious organizations.


Comprehensive Safe Abortion Programming: The Pathfinder International Approach

Source: Pathfinder International

A report outlining Pathfinder’s current programme to address unsafe abortion and the international political context that surrounds it.


From Rights to Reality: How to Advocate for Women’s Reproductive Freedom Worldwide

Source: Center for Reproductive Rights
Comprehensive information about reproductive rights campaigning and effective lobbying techniques. Primarily surrounds the U.S. context but strategies can be applied elsewhere.


Introduction: Putting Unsafe Abortion on the Development Agenda

Source: Institute of Development Studies

An introduction to a volume detailing both advocacy and policy strategies for abortion reform in developing countries in the coming decades and how to address unsafe abortion.