Rwandese Association For family Welfare (ARBEF)

Event: 60,000 induced abortions annually: A call to address the unmet need for contraception, improve post abortion care and most importantly broaden the access to legal and safe abortion!!

City: Kigali

Date: 28th September 2012

Type of the event:
Distribution of factsheets and a presentation during a consultative meeting with African Parliaments on ICPD and MDGs, beyond 2014 and post 2015.

Short description of the event:
From 26th-29th of September, The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF Africa Regrion) and the Government of Rwanda are hosting a consultative meeting with African Parliamentarians on ICPD, MDGs and the new development agenda. More than 50 participants including members of parliament from different African countries, representatives from WHO, UNFAP,UNDP,RHANA,UN Women and civil society organizations will be attending this consultative meeting.
ARBEF, a member association of IPPF is looking forward to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights issues in the next development agenda.
With this opportunity and the right audience, safe abortion action fund (SAAF) project of ARBEF has partnered with another local organization called Health Development Initiative (HDI) and with the help of the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) to design advocacy messages and distribute them during this meeting, to mark the Global day of action for access to safe and legal abortion. The factsheets will carry summarized information/statistics on the abortion incidence study report and a new “revised” law that has included more situations under which abortions can be done like rape, incest and unforced marriage) but still with conditions of getting a court approval,2-3 doctors approval and the abortion to be done by a qualified doctor.

Apart from the advocacy messages on factsheets, The SAAF project coordinator, in Rwanda, Chantal Umuhoza will give a 15 min presentation on evidence based issues of unsafe abortions in Rwanda while sharing testimonies of young people in prisons and will highlight key recommendations to these policymakers.
This activity hopes to lobby for women reproductive health and rights to be on the next development agenda and most importantly to lobby with Rwandan members of parliament while showing the impact of the legal environment in the provision of services in this case, safe abortion services.
ARBEF youth volunteers (6-10) will be involved in this event and will be part of the lobbying team.