1974 and 1975 are historic landmark years in Sweden since the present abortion law was endorsed and came into practice, i e 40 years ago. RFSU will acknowledge this and work on all levels, including raising public awareness on national/global issues and more strategic advocacy to the newly elected national  parliamentarians and EU-parliamentarians.

Sep 28: OpEd  in national press t on the right to abortion as a human right.
Sep 30: Kick off of Social Media campaign, which will include cronological histories from the Swedish Abortion movement from 1938 up to 1975. (will last to Jan 1 2015)
Oct 7: Launch of IEC material on abortion. Hosting of an event where media, politicians and CSOs are invited to attend.
First week Dec: Launch of short movie on abortion travels, in Sweden and globally, told by Swedish celebrities, clinicians and spokes persons on womens rights and  abortion rights. Development of IEC materials to schools and members.
hashtag is #abort40