Reproductive Health Right Working Group of Nepal held a candle lighting rally

Reproductive Health Right Working Group of Nepal, a network of organizations working on SRHR in Nepal led by Family Health Division including CRR, Marie Stopes Nepal, Ipas, PSI, Youth CAN, Beyond Beijing Committee, CREHPA, among others, held a Candle Lighting Event to mark Third National Safe Abortion Day in Nepal. The candles are lightened as a tribute to women who lost their lives due to unsafe abortion in Nepal and worldwide. A representative of Family Health Division shared, “A study carried out by the government says 58 percent of total abortion cases happening in Nepal are unsafe.”

The Family Health Division under the Ministry of Health says 56 percent abortion cases involve unsafe abortion by married women whereas two percent involve unmarried ones.

Chief of the Division, Dr. Naresh Pratap KC, says these unsafe cases are handled by institutions and facilities not authorized for safe abortion by the government.

Around 322,000 women undergo abortion in Nepal every year and more than 186,000 cases are unsafe, he informs.