Rede de Defesa dos Direitos Sexuais e Reprodutivos

City: Maputo
Name of the event: Actions for decriminalization of abortion
Date: Various dates with focus on the 28 September
Location of the event: Maputo

Type of the event:
Different events, namely:
– To write and circulate a petition requesting the decriminalization of abortion and send to the competent authorities
– Write articles about the decriminalization of abortion and publish articles in the newletters of the member organizations and some newspapers
– TV debates
– Radio debates
– Press release about the day for the media
– Meetings of the leadership of the member organizations

Short description of the event:
The petition, the TV and the radio debates will concentrate on the decriminalization of abortion and inform people on the advantages of decriminalizing abortion in terms of reducing the incidence of unsafe abortion and thus contributing for the reduction of the maternal mortality. It will also focus on the consequences of unsafe abortion for the women, the family, the society and the public budget. We will bring also the best practices and evidence of countries that have decriminalized abortion and thus reducing the maternal mortality. The meeting with the leadership of the organizations have as purpose to reflect on medium and long term actions aiming to expand women’s access to safe abortion