“Rede 8 de Março” (March 8 Network)

Event: flashmob in front of the Spanish Embassy

Date: September 28, 2012

City: Lisabon

Venue: Praça de Espanha


Let us mark this day in Lisbon with a Flashmob in front of the Spanish Embassy!

It will be in front of the Spanish Embassy, because we are in solidarity with all people who are currently fighting for the right to abortion in Spain.  We are feminists and citizens protesting against the return to the past, the time of the persecution of women.
Since 2010 to date, the voluntary interruption of pregnancy has been legal, although not free and not  integrated in the NHS (National Health Service).
Now, with a majority government and right-wing conservative, the situation of abortion in the Spanish State is about to suffer an inadmissible setback. The Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy will again appear in the Criminal Code, ie women will again be criminalized, no longer able to decide freely about their bodies and their lives.

Claim abortion FREE and FREE to all women, everywhere in the world, and demand that the Spanish government to not re-enact the Criminal Code.


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