Political and Cultural Mobilization for the Decriminalization of abortion in Mexico



When: September 28

What time: 4pm-8pm

Where: Zocalo, Mexico City, Mexico

The National Campaign for the Right to Decide was created as a response to the conservative wave that began after the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in Mexico declared the constitutionality of decriminalizing abortion in the country’s capital city, in August 2008. Together,  fundamentalist organizations and people nationwide have been fighting to curb and shatter women’s empowerment and reproductive rights.

The violation of the secular state, the strong influence of religious groups and conservative political issues such as the recent case in Veracruz, calls us to strengthen our strategies to prevent further approving constitutional reforms that criminalize Mexican women when they decide over their bodies and lives .

The National Campaigns believes that these actions violate the fundamental rights of women and limit access to a full and free lives,  condemning them to forced maternities.
That is why National Campaign for the Right to Decide calls for a cultural policy mobilization on the afternoon of September 28 in the capital’s main square, in order to denounce attacks by conservative and fundamentalist groups against the life, health and rights of Mexican women and also to continue to call for the decriminalization of abortion in the country.