Last year, we invited artists and storytellers to join the first art anthology and contest calling for safe and legal abortion in the Philippines. Titled, “Telling Truer Stories,” the anthology will collect visual art, video, and creative nonfiction for the purpose of destigmatizing, demystifying, and decriminalizing abortion in our country.

Once again, we’re excited to invite artists and storytellers to contribute their short videos, creative nonfiction pieces, and visual artwork to Telling Truer Stories! Last year, we received a lot of wonderful contributions and entries, and you can view the winners here.

This year, we expect to receive more of the same creative, impactful, and authentic artwork and storytelling from you, which is why we’ll have the same guidelines for joining and contributing as before.

If you’ve submitted previously (even if you’ve won) we hope you can share new contributions this year. And if you haven’t we’re looking forward to receiving your contributions. We hope you can help us tell truer stories again this year!

There are two ways artists can contribute their artwork:

contributing their art as a donation and
entering the art contest
Donated artwork will be curated by advocates and artists. The selected artwork will be included in an anthology that will be published and displayed during the International Safe Abortion Day activities on September 28, 2019.

Artwork submitted for inclusion into the anthology can optionally be entered into the art contest judged by the same curators. Both professionals and amateurs are encouraged to join the contest (guidelines below). But regardless of whether you’re donating your art or entering the contest, we appreciate your contribution to creating artwork that tells truer stories about the need for safe and legal abortion in the Philippines (and anywhere in the world).

Visit our website for more details about the anthology!

3 x DJI Osmo Pocket (for 1st place winners)
3 x Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive (for 2nd place winners)
3 x Paperang P2 Portable Bluetooth Printer (for 3rd place winners)

Deadline for entries is on Sept. 22, 2019.
Accepted Media:
Short film (2 to 5 mins.) at least 480p in resolution (1080p ideally, 4k is OK).
Creative nonfiction (400 to 800 words) in .doc or .docx format.
High resolution photo of visual art in .jpg image format. Selected entries (anthology) and winning entries (contest) will be brought to the venue and displayed there (no larger than 10” x 15”)
Criteria for Judging
50 points for the Relevance of the artwork to the theme
50 points for the Execution of the artwork (how well-made and aesthetically pleasing the work is)

PINSAN steering committee members and close relatives are not allowed to join.
All artists around the world can participate.
All submissions must be original works you created and have not published elsewhere.
We have the right to publish your work on our print and online materials (and for film showing).
After the Sept. 28 campaign, the displayed visual artwork will be returned to their creators (unless they decide to donate it to PINSAN for future display). Artists own the copyright to their works, but allow PINSAN, Inroads, and Ipas to use them and share them with their networks for the Sept. 28 campaign and related campaigns.

The submissions must be on the theme of the reality faced by people in the Philippines because of the lack of safe and legal abortion in our country. There is no other requirement other than the artist does their best to portray truer stories – stories that do not adhere to the clichés and stereotypes that have been the default of mainstream media, perpetuating the stigma, myths, and misconceptions about abortion.

Entries must be emailed to For video submissions, please use (and send the file (up to 2GB) to
Please indicate if you are entering the submission to the contest by adding the word “contest” to the file name. (Or mention that you are entering in the body of the email.)

The Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network (PINSAN) is a network of individuals and organizations committed to working towards achieving full realization of women and girls’ human rights – including their sexual and reproductive health and rights. In line with this, they strive toward the demystification, destigmatization, and decriminalization of abortion in the Philippines.