PeruCongress of Peru  is deciding on the fate of women whose lives and health are put at risk for pregnancy by proposing to absolutely criminalise abortion, a move based on religious parameters and dogmas of faith in making laws.
It is widely recognized that there are situations where the pregnancy poses a serious risk to health, life and safety of women. So the therapeutic abortion becomes, often, the only chance to save a woman with a complicated pregnancy.

This procedure has been seriously threatened by a bill granting full rights to the unborn, threatening access to the only ground for legal abortion there in Peru – the “therapeutic abortion” which has been in effect since 1924 and applies to prevent serious damage to health or prevent death from pregnancy complications for women.

The measure would prevent also a debate on the possible legalization of abortion for rape, a proposal that is considered in the Draft Revised Penal Code that is already held by the Committee on Justice and Human Rights and has been recommended by various committees of human rights protection of the United Nations.

Also Article 27 was approved which denies the right of girls, boys and adolescents to ensure their state sex education by placing the responsibility for sexual education with parents only.
This petition is an initiative of: DEMUS Study for the rights of women, Catholics for the right to decide, Women’s Center Flora Tristan, Movimiento Manuela Ramos, PROMSEX Advocacy Center for Sexual and Reproductive Rights , CLADEM Peru Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean for the Defense of the Rights of Women.

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