Peace Foundation

Event: Ethical and Societal rights of women and girls in Pakistan

Date: September 28, 2012


1.      Peace Foundation has developed  500 wall paper inviting readers to think favorabaly for reproductive rights of women.

2.      2500 stickers are printed  with hot line number for safe medical abortion.

3.      A gathering is planned to mark the day of 28th September involving youth . All ethical indicators are set on women lives to measure the level of ethics in society. Peace Foundation is going to organize an event

“Ethical and societal rights of women and girls in Pakistan”

Its basic aim for creating Mobilization for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion that will promote women’s reproductive freedoms and to mobilize for women’s right to access safe and legal abortion. Hot line councilors will share how illiterate women bears hardships and social hindrances. Despite of hindrances, how do they want bodily integrity and freedom. Hot line councilors will share case stories and reflect opinions of callers to audience of the workshop. Doctors  will talk about the disadvantage of unsafe abortion and the advantage of the safe abortion.