Peace Foundation

Date(s): 28-29 September 2013

Event: Awareness raising activities with 40-young peoples on terminition of unwanted pregnancy, family planning , medical abortion and STDs and STIs.

As our activity will be for two days, 28 September  and 29 September. First day, we  our participants will be mixed from 16 years age and above.
Young girls and boys , age between 17-25.  mostly we define young people age in between 18-30. Each day number of participants will be 30-35.
We will discuss them on sexual and reproductive rights. medical abortion,use of contraceptives, consequences of early marriages, prevention from sexually transmitted diseases. There is a major issue of negative thinking against termination of unwanted pregnancy. our discussion  and field stories will help to remove such kind of stigma associated with abortion.We are providing services in medical abortion counselling, participant will know more about our service and they will use it. 
Young people have not chance to discuss about their sexuality due to innumerable reasons. Our workshop will give them oppurtunity to learn more about sexual issues specifically how to remove unwanted pregnancy.