Palestinian Family Planning & Protection Assosiation

PFPPA will be arranged the following:
•       The project staff with the full involvement of the abortion coalition will conduct a national campaign with the aim of advocating for modification of the current abortion law. It is planned that during the end of September and particularly as the 28th of September marks the International Day for Decriminalization of Abortion the Project team will arrange to gain public support for the modification of the current abortion law. In addition PFPPA will arrange for public billboards to be designed and placed on the Palestinian streets promoting for the rights of women and women health. In addition, other activities will be implemented during the same period, such as campaign in AL AHLIA Universities to increase awareness through having a booth set up in and a health and social worker with volunteers be available to increase awareness and answer inquiries of the students regarding women health and rights, particularly related to abortion. A petition will also be arranged to col
lect signatures for support of modification to the current abortion law.

The messages will be as the following;
Women’s human rights should be respected, protected and fulfilled. These include women’s right to life, the highest attainable standard of health, bodily integrity, the benefits of scientific progress, and to information, privacy, freedom from cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and equality and non-discrimination. The failure to give women access to safe abortion puts these rights at risk.
No woman’s health or life should be placed at risk because safe abortion services are not available to her. All barriers to women’s access to safe abortion should be removed. Women should be afforded universal access to abortion, delivered according to the most up-to-date WHO guidance. Access to safe abortion is a matter of equity and should never be compromised. Abortion should be an integral part of women’s health services, and should be provided as early as possible and as late as necessary.

•       In addition during the first week of October;  PFPPA will conduct a workshop for the Ministry of Health; health educators about the importance of  counseling and consultation for women about Family planning and emergency contraceptive and educate women to protect them from the unsafe abortion.

•       Further the PFPPA team will reach remote and or vulnerable areas; to conduct awareness session addressing; the misconceptions of abortion and women’s rights. The sessions will shape to introduce the PFPPA services and explanation on dangerous of unsafe abortion, family planning, defining unsafe abortion from a social and health point of view; it clarified the causes and effects of health that abortion could inflict whether it is physical or psychological. Following a discussion, open question and answer is welcomed whether the beneficiaries approaches the service provider privately or publicly.