National Coalition For Safe and Legal Abortion (NACSAA)

Event name: Streghtening Women and Young People on Access to Safe and Legal Abortion
Date(s): 27th and 28th of September, 2013

Type of event: Adapting One Million Rising Dance and Public Forum for Global Day Of Action For Access to Safe and Legal Abortion

Short description of the event: NACSAA holds a two days activity to mark this day. The first day will be focused on adapting a One Million Rising Dance to declare the Access to Safe and Legal Abortion day open.
The second day NACSAA holds a forum to discuss Access to Safe and Legal Abortion in Nigeria and its implication to women’s lives. Attendance includes about 50 Women and young people 50 % women and 40% young people and 10% men. Imo state Bill on abortion will be focus of the discussion. Sybil Nmezi will be the speaker on the forum . The forum will include discussion and Q&A.

Expected Outcome: Women and young attending the event will learn about access to safe and legal abortion as their human right.  Women and young girls speak with one voice.