National Campaign for Legal, Safe and Free Abortion, Argentina

National Campaign for Legal, Safe and Free Abortion  constituted by CDD Argentina, FUSA and INSGENAR are preparing for a full day of activities during the Federal Day for Legalisation of Abortion in the Congress to take place on September 29, 2014.

Legal Abortion a  Debt  to Democracy
Federal Campaign for the legalization of Abortion in Congress
Plaza Congreso – September 29 – 10 to 18 hours .

The Federal Day for Legalisation of Abortion is aimed to increase visibility of the bill to legalize abortion and the need for discussion of it as a great debt to democracy affecting all women in Argentine. . In our country it is estimated that about half a million abortions take place annually. Legalizing abortion is a debt that constitutes a public health and human rights of women , but it is also a question of social equality, since those who have resources are capable of accessing safe abortions, while those without risk their health and lives.

The Federal Day is also intended as a trigger for discussion forums on the proposed bill , fostering new arguments, debates and training for those involved in them in the course of the ten year struggle of the Campaign.

The conference will be held throughout the day in two tents set opposite the National Congress , in three parts: simultaneous panels with different axes, addressing the three slogans of the campaign; a press conference and a panel where the main topics of discussion arepresented; and end with a rally at the National Congress .