MYSU and Coordinadora por el Aborto Legal


Lobbying and advocacy at the legislative branch of the government for the passage of the proposed law on voluntary interruption of pregnancy that is being put to vote at the end of September. The plenary discussion on the law proposal are in full swing while the objective of the women’s groups is to ensure that the text of the law remains favourable to the rights and health of women.

Starting September 10 a mobile LED screen will broadcast the spots made by MYSU and the  Coalition for Legal Abortion in various public spaces – city squares, city centre, Parliament building and other places of public concentration – in order to call attention to the discussion of the law and encouraging people to join the campaign.

Slogan of the campaign:  SU VOTO es TU VOTO, que TUS representantes TE representen (His/her vote is your vote. Representatives that Represent). Accompanying the screening of the videos information materials will be distributed together with the orange hand, the symbol of the LEGAL ABORTION campaign.

September 25 –  “MIENTRAS ELLOS PONEN LAS CONDICIONES, NOSOTRAS PONEMOS EL CUERPO” (While they are putting conditions, we are putting our bodies) – performance by women with painted bodies in the gardens of “Palacio Legislativo” (zona de entrada a Cámara de Diputados).


This activity is part of the regional  September 28  campaign for Decriminalisation of Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean