Why this is important

To : Ban Ki-moon , Secretary-General of the United Nations,

Mr. Ban Ki Moon,

My Body Is Mine campaignOn the occasion of September 28, 2013, World Day of action for safe and legal abortion , we urge you to call to UN members States to call for safe and accessible abortion right during the revision of the Cairo action plan on sexual and reproductive health and rights .
Every year worldwide, 5 million women are hospitalized for severe complications from unsafe abortions and 47,000 women die. It makes 13% of maternal mortality globally. Behind these figures lies an unbearable bitter reality: 60 % of the world population lives in countries where abortion is prohibited or severely restricted.
Where legal and safe abortion is not accessible to all women, many women are forced to expose themselves to the risks of illegal abortions, using unsafe methods, at the risk of their health and their lives.

The right to safe and accessible abortion is essential for all girls and women in the world. It must be safe, free and accessible to all. For these reasons, the right to abortion should be recognized as an inalienable right within the UN.

We demand the recognition within the UN of abortion right as a universal and inalienable right. From you, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, we expect that you show your commitment to all sexual and reproductive rights, including abortion right. Specifically, we urge you to act with conviction and determination during the review process of the Cairo Action Plan on sexual and reproductive health and rights to include abortion rights for all women from all countries in the world.

It is your duty to make our voices heard, support our call, and recognize that each woman has the right to proclaim that “My body is mine!”


Sign the petition: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/For_universal_legalization_of_safe_and_accessible_abortion

For more information on the My Body is Mine campaign: http://mybodycampaign.org/en/