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BECAUSE it saves many women’s life and decreased conviction of infanticide cases. – Gaesh Shrestha, Nepal

BECAUSE the legal grounds are still in the Crimes Act and the decision is made by two doctors. – Margaret Sparrow, New Zealand

BECAUSE it is a Human right which help us to reduce maternal mortality rate to achieve MDG 5 and reduce the suicidal case among young women. – Shreejana, Nepal

BECAUSE forced motherhood is not “pro-life” – Shriya, India

BECAUSE woman knows better about her bodily needs and issues. – Muhammad Aslam, Pakistan

Is there a meaning to the word “legal”, if I am denied safe abortion when I desperately want it? In my country India, how is that doctor’s are God sent, savior or compassionate, since I am literally forced to go to a hospital for delivery but not for abortion, for who cannot understand the misery of pain of the present and are so troubled about an invisible gloom of my future, which makes no sense to me since I am already miserable. Are we talking all these in a world where we are concerned about the happiness of human beings – per say not the suffering Women! – Bhuvaneswari Sunil, India

BECAUSE I do not really think that women, mothers and girls should suffer simply because of “Unfriendly Attitudes of Service providers, Absence of Privacy and Poor Quality of Services” while seeking safe abortion. – Punya, Nepal

BECAUSE to keep safe the lives of mothers is the first priority. Protection of women is a matter to honour the humanity,by ending the increasing situations of rape. Save the lives first to ensure the rights of all women regardless any gender discrimination. – Samreen Anwar, Pakistan

BECAUSE women don’t have rights to pass on to their children. Forcing a woman to bear a child who will be branded as illegitmate is what should be banned. – Marianne, Lebanon

BECAUSE women deserve the right to choose what happens to their bodies without facing persecution and stigma and without exposing themselves to unnecessary risk of harm. – Zoe Stewart, Australia

BECAUSE I don’t ever want to carry a friends coffin again because she wasn’t allowed options. – Aaron Chang, New Zealand

BECAUSE equality can never be achieved if a woman doesn’t have control of her own body.  – Carla, Australia

Abortion should be safe in my country because This is human rights of Women.  – Bishnu B Khatri

BECAUSE for far too long women have been forced to cede their decision making to two certifying consultants (doctors). Time to make choice a reality! – Morgan Healey, New Zealand

BECAUSE no other option is good or morally defensible. – Tim Hannah, New Zealand

BECAUSE this is my body, listen to my voice, respect my choice and no more religions and culture excuses.  – Ei, Myanmar

BECAUSE a woman’s right to choose whether or not she can raise a child in her current position is the most important choice she as a mother can and should have. – Samantha, Australia

BECAUSE it’s a human rights issue, everyone should have the freedom to decide!!! –  Shayma Johnson, United Arab Emirates

BECAUSE its better than having kids with either no father or ID. Motherhood shouldnt be forced, its a choice. Abortion saves lives. – Zeina, Syria

BECAUSE we have an increase in the population and we are suffering from “child labour”. And every woman should have the right to decide, if she has no one to support her, to have abortion. – Qutaiba, Syria

BECAUSE a woman has to have a choice regarding her willingness and readiness to be a mother or not. In many societies being pregnant for a non married woman could be a reason for the family to kill her or the government authorities to put her in prison as well as taking her child from her and placing him or her in an orphanage. – Munirah, Saudi Arabia

BECAUSE every man has its right on his body and every woman has her right on her body. – Abumidian, Israel/Palestine

BECAUSE there are unacceptably high number of women in India whose lives are snuffed out at the hands of untrained people and quacks. – Rao Duggirala , India

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BECAUSE Many women are either suffering from complications of back-alley abortions or dying unnecessarily because they cannot access safe abortion in hospitals. – Sylvia, Kenya 

PARCE QUE droits humans qui sont droit des femmes. – Esperance Ntirampeba,  Burundi

BECAUSE it will reduce unsafe abortion related deaths of women in my country. we have a high maternal mortality rate and unsafe abortion contributes a big percentage to these deaths. so make it legal make it safe and many lives shall be saved.  – Junic, Uganda

BECAUSE a consent to sex is not a consent to pregnancy. Empowering women to make their own decisions concerning their bodies. – Byanuku Dunant, Uganda

PARCE QUE il est à la fois un problème de droits humains et de santé publique.  Kalulu Maisha,  Republique Democratique du Congo 

BECAUSE laws that not prevent 8,500 women’s deaths happening annually due to unsafe abortion are in violation of human rights. –  Martha, Tanzania

BECAUSE restrictive laws do not stop the practice of unsafe abortion with its deadly consequences.  –  Sharon, Tanzania

BECAUSE the more  the nation goes ahead to restricting safe abortion practices, the more women turn unsafe abortion; which has cost them their lives! Leaving their families, relatives, friends and immediate comrades in grief and agony! – Richardson, Uganda

BECAUSE Safe and Legal Abortion Save Women’s Lives – Sybil, Nigeria

BECAUSE  Abortion is healthcare and not a crime –  Dr Gwewasang C. Martin, Cameroon

BECAUSE  it’s un-African to see women dying unnecessarily due to restrictive laws!
It’s un-African to let women dying for preventable deaths! – Nondo, Tanzania

PARCE QUE toute personne est libre de poursuivre ou non une grossesse avant les 3 premiers mois.  – Hizem Amel, Tunisie

PARCE QUE l’avortement  est toujours un tabou dans nos communautés. – Bintou, Guinee 

BECAUSE this is her right. – Khouloud, Tunisia

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BECAUSE abortion is a right of every woman. I’m too aware of motherhood. The right to choose. – Kacper Bakowski, Poland

ПОТОМУ ЧТО только я могу решать как мне распоряжаться собственным телом. Право распоряжаться своим телом – базовое право человека. – Хэтти, Украина (Ukraine)

PORQUE la maternidad sólo tiene sentido si es deseada. – Andrea, España

ПОТОМУ ЧТО право распоряжаться моим телом – это только моё право!  – Алина, Россия (Russia)

BECAUSE Motherhood should be cherished  and not forced upon any woman. – Ethel, Ireland

BECAUSE it’s only woman can decide on things to do or not to do with her own body. – Kristina Nedzvetskaya, Russia

ПОТОМУ ЧТО женщина и только женщина имеет право распоряжаться своим телом. – Дарина, Украина (Ukraine)

ПОТОМУ ЧТО право человека на распоряжение своим телом не должно отниматься ни при каких обстоятельствах. – Alevtina, Russia

BECAUSE the decision of an abortion should always belong to the woman, not to people in government. – Natalia Broniarczyk, Poland

BECAUSE life should not depend on accidents. – Svetlana, Russia

BECAUSE a women must have the right to decide about their bodies on their own. – Gosia, Poland

ПОТОМУ ЧТО каждая из нас может оказаться в ситуации, когда аборт – наименьшее из двух зол. Мой парень может меня бросить. Меня может изнасиловать насильник. Моё здоровье может сильно ухудшиться из-за беременности. Я хорошо понимаю, что аборт – это большой вред для моего организма и для психики. Но, к несчастью, бывает, что без аборта вред моему организму и психике будет ещё страшнее. Те, кто обвиняют женщин в детоубийстве – лицемерные ублюдки. Эти мужчины никогда не окажутся в ситуации залёта. Наоборот, многие из них, я уверена, заставляли свою партнёру заниматься сексом без презерватива, просто потому что это для них удобнее. Такие мужчины несут равную ответственность за незапланированные беременности и аборты. А также несут за это ответственность все насильники, из которых 97% продолжают разгуливать на свободе благодаря покрывательству общества и полиции. А то, что говорят политики о демографии, это просто бред. Эти политики своей преступной коррупцией и попиранием гражданских прав причиняют стране гораздо больше вреда. Даже находясь в браке, родившая женщина теряет свой привычный уровень жизни. А одинокая мать часто скатывается в нищету. И никто из этих ублюдков, запрещающих аборты, им не помогает. Это просто лицемерные твари.  – Антонина, Russia

BECAUSE woman is not a device for reproduction. – Yulia, Russia

Jeśli kobieta zostanie zaatakowana przez pedofila powinna mieć szansę wyboru czy chce urodzić to dziecko czy też nie i zapomnieć o tym przykrym zdarzeniu. – Musiał, Poland

BECAUSE forced childbirth is denying women rights. Even if they have right to pass the child to orphanage, it’s unacceptable to break their health by giving birth to unwanted children. Orphans are rarely become adopted, and after orphanage they usually become criminals, drunkards and prostitutes. – Elena, Ukraine

PORQUE decidir nos hace libres.  – Angela, España

BECAUSE I want to have the opportunity to make decisions about my body, safety and the quality of my family’s life. – Dorota, Poland

BECAUSE in Italy public hospitals are boycotting the right to abortion  due to a dubious conscientious objection claimed by doctors unanimously.
Only rich women can have abortions in private clinics with all the treatments and safety. In Italy, motherhood is never been safeguarded by  social policies but families. I wish it were guaranteed the right to abortion in Italy because banning abortion will not reduce abortions but will increase clandestine abortions. – Anonymous, Italy

Tylko kobieta ma prawo decydować, aborcja tak  ale tylko do momentu embrionalnego. – Michalak, Poland

PARCE QUE choisir doit être un droit FONDAMENTAL.  – Edwige, France

BECAUSE giving birth does not make a mother. – Marta, Poland

BECAUSE medical care – regarldess of politics – is a human right. – Nadine, UK

BECAUSE women deserve to control the bodies that they live in. – Lauren, Ireland

BECAUSE every woman should be able to have control over her own body and every child should be a wanted one. – Alison Trueman, England

BECAUSE all woman everywhere deserve free access to abortion as a basic human right. – Jane Carnall, Scotland, UK

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BECAUSE over 45,000 women would die each year from septic infection and other complications of illegal abortions. (I base this figure on the number of women who died in a typical pre Roe v Wade year here in the United States.) – Nina Lehman, United States

BECAUSE  there is no better way to start a family than to CHOOSE to become a mother, AND, there is no better way to be good to yourself than to be able to CHOOSE. ~ Rosalinda Salazar Snuggs, Founder Texas Democratic Divas, USA

BECAUSE I am a working class woman who wanted to be a doctor, or a lawyer. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have the money for college. I didn’t have the family support. I will never have children, because my social status will limit their dreams. – Robin, USA

BECAUSE all people have the right to sexual and reproductive self-determination and high-quality health care. – Katherine Turner, USA 

BECAUSE otherwise we set up a tiered system of health care, with women of means having access to a full spectrum of reproductive health care while low-income women do not. – Tara, USA

BECAUSE all women have the right to safe, secure and accessible abortions. There should be no delay in the provision of abortion services.
-Joshua Dias, Medical Student, Canada

BECAUSE access to safe abortion shouldn’t be limited for women in rural or remote areas.  All women should be free to exercise their right to bodily autonomy, regardless of where they live. – Lara Cousins, Canada

BECAUSE we shouldn’t be ashamed of our decisions about our own bodies.  lets embrace our options. we suffer silently because we are afraid to be judged. It wasn’t our choices, and we have the right to choose. A child is not a toy, its human and we know we cannot afford one right now. We will get rid of it anyway, and we will die in the process because we are afraid to go to a real hospital since its illegal to abort. – Terez, Keisha, Sharon and Faiza, Canada

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BECAUSE  women (and their families) are putting their lives and their health at stake by performing unsafe but very necessary abortions in terrible conditions. Why? Because of hypocritical patriarchal religious beliefs imposed on governments who should be in service of the WHOLE of the population, including those who do not have religious beliefs at all or don´t have any other option but to abort. This is about dignity and respect, and much more than this. Much more. – Aline, Brazil

BECAUSE Jamaican women deserve respect and access to safe and affordable abortion services.  – Taitu Heron, Jamaica

PORQUE las mujeres tenemos derecho a decider. – Lauren, Costa Rica

PARA restituir los derechos a las mujeres , su dignidad y su capacidad de decidir sobre su sexualidad y su cuerpo. – Carme, Nicaragua

PORQUE  es la unica manera de garantizar los mismos derechos de decision personal a toda la gente. – Valeria, Argentina

PORQUE al hacerse en clínicas clandestinas provoca el daño físico y la muerte en cientos de mujeres.  Nadie tiene derecho sobre el cuerpo y decisión de las mujeres sobre este, el hecho de que el aborto continúe  siendo punible solo demuestra lo desigualdad social para las mujeres, degradandolas de sujetos a objetos que solo sirven de envase para un feto, el cual automáticamente adquiere mayor importancia que la mujer que lo gesta. Sumándole el hecho de que parece que la mujer tiene un solo destino inexorable para la sociedad: el de ser madre forzada o embarazada forzada o si decide hacer valer su identidad como mujer y no como madre, se aventurara en encontrar la muerte en lugares clandestinos para hacerse un aborto. – Paula, Argentina

PORQUE muchas mujeres no solo arriesgan su vida sino que pueden ser abusadas sexualmente por las personas que practican los abortos clandestinos. – Flor, Mexico

PORQUE las mujeres somos y seremos personas de derecho, capaz de pensar y decidir sobre nuestros propios cuerpos y no que otros decidan por nosotras. Basta ya de silencios, alcemos la voz, todas juntas somos una, para luchar y mejorar nuestras vidas. – Jeannette Vicencio, Chile

BECAUSE every women is entitled to the right to decide what happens to and in her own body. Women are not merely vessels of incubation. They are human beings and they have the right to be treated as such! – Shakira, Jamaica

BECAUSE it is only accessible by the middle and upper classes, leaving too many working class women and girls without viable options. – Dalea, Jamaica

BECAUSE women should not be forced to be mothers and their bodies should not be subordinated to the state and religious bodies. Women should be trusted to make this private decision for themselves and not have to suffer because of it.  – Rebekah Lawrence, Jamaica

BEACAUSE it is our body, it is our right. – Irene Cespedes, Mexico

PORQUE miles de mujeres son violentadas en su derecho a decidir, por Belén una menor de 11 años obligada a ser madre, por el Derecho que tenemos las Mujeres sobre nuestros cuerpos, por Nuestros Derechos Humanos. – Rosa Trigo Acuña, Chile

PORQUE nacer en un pais de mayoria Catolica no te hace automaticamente estar de acuerdo con el pensamiento pro-vida de la Iglesia y de la mayoria de la gente.  – Javiera, Chile

BECAUSE every woman should have the right to choose. – Nadeen Spence, Jamaica

BECAUSE that is a private decision, that should not involve the state.  Women are intelligent autonomous beings capable of choosing if and when to give birth! – Sharon Smith, Jamaica

BECAUSE as a component of the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights landscape, a women’s right to having a choice should be respected. – Del Robinson, Trinidad and Tobago

BECAUSE a woman’s body is her own and should never be legislated. As a human being her freedom to choose supersedes all religious ideology.  – Jalna Broderick, Jamaica

BECAUSE  it is an element of reproductive health and the women should have the right to choose this service if she likes. – Jason Madden, Jamaica

BECAUSE every woman, rich or poor, deserves access to safe, legal and affordable reproductive health services. – Melissa, Jamaica

PORQUE la maternidad es una decisión, no una imposición. – Neesa Medina, Honduras

BECAUSE women’s rights are human rights, and because the real pro-life movement is based on pro-choice policies. No more women dead for unsafe abortions. – Cecilia Garcia Ruiz, Mexico

BECAUSE botched abortions are claiming the lives of too many of our women and girls. – Monique Long, Jamaica

BECAUSE there are too many children who have to be born into abandonment and abuse because there parents didn’t have a choice. Too many born to be raised in foster care systems that can’t give them the mental & emotional support they need. Too many born to be raised by the streets because there just aren’t enough homes! – Shaquani McKenzie, Jamaica

BECAUSE every woman has the right and the responsibility to have full control over her body and her reproductive health and rights.  Our Bodies! Our Choice! Our Rights! – Joan Grant Cummings, Jamaica



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