• #BustTheMyths. Fight abortion stigma & discrimination.


This year we develop a Manifesto on safe and legal abortion as a human right emphasizing the importance of securing the right to safe and legal abortion in the new development agenda. Drafting of the Manifesto text is a collaborative effort in which global partners and allies are invited to provide their input. If you are interested in collaborating on the Manifesto, please send an email to sept28global@wgnrr.org or contact us here.

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Partners’ call for action

Partners’ calls for action

Declarations, statements and calls for action from partner networks and organizations equally promoting international observation of September 28 Day of […]

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Virtual Mural

Collectively, we will create a virtual mural for the right to access to safe and legal abortion. The mural can be printed out on a banner or can be projected on a wall in the place where you shall hold your September 28 mobilisation. The mural image design will also be applied to other campaign materials such as posters, stickers, T-shirts, and others.

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Campaign Materials

Take Action


September 28 is an Action Day! This day is an excellent opportunity for mobilising communities and staging rallies so that […]

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