Mavi Kalem Association

Action in Turkey

Fener-Balat region in Istanbul

The abortion became legalised as a service of the government by 1983 Constitution of Turkey and it was significant gain for women. However the current power of Turkey wanted to restrict the right of abortion by new regulation in 2012. Afterwards women organizations became together in order to protect their rights of abortion.

For 28th of September we are going to organize a meeting with women who are living in our location.

The following issues will be discussed:

-Why we gathered in 28 September?  (Why it is global, what the importance of the day etc)

-Short description of history of abortion around the world

-History of abortion in Turkey

-Current agenda of abortion in Turkish policy

-Why accesible,legal and safe abortion?

-Talking about our demands.

28 September is an important day for our women as much as Latin America and the Caribbean women.