“She fell seriously sick, after [trying cassava stick], she was taken to a hospital and the doctor had to remove the uterus/womb.” 

Any women seeking abortion is regarded as a sex worker or a person who likes sex so much!  There are a lot of consequences if the abortion has been conducted by local traditional healers.  We have been receiving a lot of cases of women seeking abortion and they have been advised to use cassava stick, very bitter flowers or trees.  A girl who was interviewed by one of our members said that she tried to use [traditional healing method]…but the abortion failed and she fell seriously sick, after that she was taken to a hospital and the doctor had to remove the uterus/womb.  And up to now she is not be able to deliver or have a baby.

Since this case was like not a real big issue that police did not acted but as an organization we have been sensitizing young women and girls in schools and communities to use contraceptives. Or we invite and tell them to come to our office to access use of Misoprostol for safe abortion since at the office is a bit private.

By Centre for Girls and Interaction, Malawi

In Malawi abortion is prohibited except to save a women’s life. But spousal authorization is required. (CRR, “The Wold’s Abortion Laws 2012, http://www.worldabortionlaws.com/map/)