MACEDONIA: Fight Against the Proposed Draft Law

Government of Macedonia and Ministry of Health (MoH) have proposed a new draft law for termination of pregnancy which has purpose to limit women access to abortion by proposing complicated and non-evidence based procedures for those seeking abortion on the ground “on request” up to 10th week. Those proposed legal provisions (which do not exist in the current law) are:
• Submission of a written request by the woman to terminate the pregnancy,
• Requesting written consent for the intervention by the woman,
• Mandatory pre-abortion counseling,
• Mandatory notification of a spouse,
• Providing a period of 3 days for counseling (waiting period), prior to the performing the intervention,
• Submission of a certificate from a specialist gynecologist, including ultrasonography to confirm the gestational age.

Several NGOs have organized a protest at the Parliament asking from the MoH and Government to fully withdraw the legislation as it limits women’s rights,  provides non-evidence based arguments and procedures that restrict access to abortion and finally This proposed law is a step back in the liberalization of the abortion rights comparing the existing very liberal abortion law dated from 1977 – more at

On the following link you can find the NGO letter of support for sign in regards to the latest events in Republic of Macedonia whereas the Parliament wants to adopt a new restrictive abortion law by imposing barriers on women’s access to legal abortion services.
All interested in supporting our effort, please send  the signed letter (name of the organization and country).
We would also appreciate if you can share this cause  widely in order to get support from as many organization worldwide.