La Articulación Feminista por la Libertad de Decidir (AFLD)

 La Articulación Feminista por la Libertad de Decidir (AFLD), the focal point for the campaign, will be focusing its efforts in 3 main areas:
  • Participation in the Seminar on Free, Safe and Legal Abortion. A human rights issue, Tribute to Tegualda Monreal. This international event is organised by the University of Chile through the School of Public Health, with the participation of different faculties, civil society organisations and health professionals. The seminar will be on 26-27 September.
  • An international workshop to redefine the action strategies to free, safe and legal abortion in Chile
  •  Social communication strategy on abortion
  • Materials will install a table spread
  • Publish a booklet “Historical evolution of abortion in Chile”, paper written by T. Montreal- the first woman who researched abortion in Chile in the last century
  • Stickers in public places in Santiago