Invitation to participate in September 28 Global Day of Action


We are excited to invite you to join and actively participate in preparations for September 28 – the Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion. After an incredible mobilisation last year which resulted in seventy five events held in more than fifty countries to commemorate September 28, we are looking forward to an even greater mobilisation this year.

Check our renewed website and look through the presentations on the past actions to get an idea of what can be done on September 28!


Working in partnership with regional and internationals networks and alliances, such as Asia Safe Abortion Partnership, Latin American and Caribbean Campaign for Decriminalisation of Abortion, International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, international organisations such as Ipas and Pathfinder among others, WGNRR strives to engage members and partners in the regions, facilitating alliance building and providing technical assistance in campaigning and advocacy where required.

We are aware that many members of WGNRR and allies are currently working on the issue of access to safe and legal abortion – actively advocating for the law reform, providing services, building awareness in your communities, running hotlines for women with unwanted pregnancies, providing counseling and much more. You possess a wealth of experience and knowledge of the grassroots realities that will inform and guide the campaign. Therefore, we are inviting you to join the campaign and closely collaborate with other members and regional officers of WGNRR towards September 28 Day of Action.

A series of global, regional and country based initiatives are already happening wherein groups come together and strategise on how to address the issue of unsafe abortions in their countries.

If you would like to participate in September 28 Global Day of Action, but do not yet know how, please get in touch with WGNRR Regional officers.

If you are already planning an event and would like it to be featured on, please send a short description of your event following the suggested format to WGNRR regional officers.

Event name:




Type of event: (Public action: street demonstration, banner-drops, information stands, street play, flash mob, photo/art exhibit; Awareness raising activity: forum, meeting, workshop/training, cultural event; Other, please specify)

Short description of the event: (Please tell us what your event is all about; who is your target audience; how many attendees you expect to have; what issues you will address; who will be your speakers; what outcomes/results do you expect the event to achieve; how will you involve young people; any other relevant information)

And there is something you can do right now! Join our Virtual Mural for abortion rights! Please read on how to participate in the Mural project in announcement below. Encourage all your friends and colleagues to send their submissions to the Virtual Mural.

Global recognition and participation in September 28 as a Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion is an important step in consolidation and strengthening of the global movement for reproductive justice. Coming strong and united into on September 28 a Global Day of Action for our abortion rights will send a strong message to our leaders and governments that as a global movement we will stop at nothing to ensure that all women in the world live in dignity and enjoy their reproductive freedom.

The Right to Safe and Legal Abortion is a Human Right!

Diverse actions, different places, one demand!


WGNRR Regional officers:

Africa – Nondo Ejano (

Asia – Marevic Parcon (

Europe and Central Asia – Irina Otmakhova (

North and South America – Vanessa Coria (


Image: courtesy of Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ)