IPPF I decide campaign222 million women in the developing world want contraception but can’t get it. We know from our partners on the ground what the impact of this is — many women become  are vulnerable to unplanned pregnancy and face the risk of seeing their child die from poverty related causes.

Ensuring that men, women and girls are able to decide the size of their family and who they live with is essential if we are to end poverty and create a more sustainable world.

Right now, and for the next 12 months, world governments will be discussing how to end poverty and achieve sustainable economic, environmental and social development by the year 2030.

On 21st of September we will be in New York, calling on Ban Ki Moon and world governments to show leadership on sexual rights, family planning & reproductive health services at the meeting of the UN. 

This is an amazing opportunity for people like us, joining across the world to raise our voices and demand that sexual and reproductive health and rights are put at the heart of the new development framework.

Join this Thunderclap to ensure that we get as many people as possible to sign this call. 

And if you haven’t signed the petition yourself, please do so now on http://idecide.ippf.org/idecide.