HERA – Health Education and Research Association

Title of the event: The new abortion law in Macedonia – restrictions and derogations 

City: Skopje

Date(s): 27th and 28th September

Short description of the event: As of June 2013 the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia has approved a new Abortion Bill which severely restrict access of women to freely decide to terminate pregnancy compared to very-liberal legislation framework from the previous law.  The new law introduces irrelevant and non-scientific administrative provisions for women seeking for abortion such us written request for abortion, mandatory pre abortion counselling, 3-day waiting period as well as austere fines for the medical personnel. In the last 2 years HERA is involved to fight abortion stigma mainly using social media channels and working with women in rural areas. As from 2012 HERA is part of the network of organisations marking 28 September and this year the relevance of the campaign will be even greater bearing the fact the latest development in restricting reproductive rights and freedoms of women in Macedonia. On 27th there will be organized a roundtable with CSO and health professionals to discuss possible effects of the legislative restrictions to abortion and the next legal actions to challenge the law at the Constitutional Court. On 28th there will be sent out press statement regarding the importance of access of safe and legal abortion and the possible consequences of the new abortion law in Macedonia.