Healthy Ghana, Ipas Ghana, Population Council and Ghana Health Service

Event #1: Publication in the National Daily Graphic

Date:  28th of September, 2013

Type of the event: Creating Awareness by using Print Media

Description: This event will feature the publication of an article in a national newspaper which will highlight the dangers of unsafe abortion, the role of civil society, faith-based organizations, medical bodies in mitigating the dangers of unsafe abortion. It will promote knowledge on the abortion law (Ghana has one of the liberal abortion laws) and advance the need for women, particularly young women to access safe and legal services as a woman’s right to health and life.  The expected outcome of this action is to create awareness to the Global campaign on safe and legal abortion as a human rights issue, promote knowledge on the abortion law and also to foster an enabling environment for further discussions among the populace on the issue of abortion.


Event #2: Radio discussion

Date: 1st of October, 2013

Type of the Event: Panel discussion on radio

Description: This event will feature a panel discussion by reproductive health experts on a renowned radio station based in Accra, on its breakfast morning show. The content of discussion will be to draw attention to the Global campaign on safe and legal abortion services, highlight the prevalence and dangers of unsafe abortion as a contributory factor to maternal mortality in the country, the role of society and women in particular in mitigating this menace. Among others, the program will also educate the populace on the abortion law. The selected radio station has wide coverage, covers 5 out of the 10 regions in Ghana and also has internet coverage with a large base of followers.