H.E.R.A statement on government sponsored anti-abortion commercial in Macedonia

With the latest video, broadcasted on the national TV stations in Macedonia http://youtu.be/M8_RQxb-BIk the Government has shown its real face and its final aim. The campaign that started three years ago was presented as a campaign that aims to educate the citizens about the consequences of abortion. Finally after three years  the government presented its propaganda clearly and publicly, abortion has been painted as a murder. They are using religious language and it is not based on scientific evidences. With this latest TV commercial the women are misjudged, derogated and those who had already had an abortion are stigmatized. Moreover these commercials are usually worked through when the whole nation is in euphoria, as the yesterday’s sport’s matches, around the Christmas holidays or like it will be tomorrow when the Independence Day of Macedonia will be celebrated.  


More information for the situation in Macedonia:

Two months ago in Macedonia the abortion law was changed. Despite all reactions, from Macedonian civil sector, international organizations, including the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the law was voted in the Parliament.

The new law is restrictive and now the access to abortion is limited, this includes:

  • Submission of a written request by the woman to terminate the pregnancy,
  • Requesting written consent for the intervention by the woman,
  • Mandatory pre-abortion counseling,
  • Providing a period of 3 days for counseling (waiting period), prior to the performing the intervention,
  • Submission of a certificate from a specialist gynecologist, including ultrasonography to confirm the gestational age.