Event: FLASH MOB on right and access to abortion on the 28 September 2013

In Tunisia were Family planning and abortion is legal since 40 years we are currently experiencing further attempts to restrict access to abortion. The recent months have proven that we cannot take what we have for granted. On the occasion of September 28 Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion, we plan to present a Flash mob on women health rights, focusing on abortion right in the street in Tunis.
This call to action is aimed at ALL activists from Tunisia  who believe that woman’s right to a free choice – the right to abortion – is a human right and must be respected, protected and granted. As one of the regional inputs Group TAWHIDA would like to  propose the dissemination of this video  that will be available on the 30th of September , and the idea to develop  common messages which can be unique to our region (Africa and MENA ) and address the recent developments.