Focal point for September 28 campaign in Nicaragua


– Playful Caravan (procession) in coordination with various women’s rights groups

– Public declaration on the basis of “I accuse” during a special commemoration date in either September or August to commemorate the total ban on abortion imposed in Nicaragua in 2006

– Political procession/rally on October 26

– Nice meetings in different country departments involving knowledge sharing and discussions among young people on the right to decide and the implications to the life of women.

– Radio programme “ONDA LOCAL” (local wave) on the radio station “La Primerisima” directed by the feminist Patricia Orozco. On September 28 the radio programme will be dedicated to the Right to Decide and will involve participation of feminist activist who will discuss the situation on abortion in Nicaragua, implications for the life of women and specifically in relation to the high teenage pregnancy rate as well as among children due to the sexual crimes.


This activity is part of the regional  September 28  campaign for Decriminalisation of Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean