Coaliton to stop maternal mortlaity due to unsafe abortion

Date: September 28, 2013


The commemorative activities will unit e youths, Civil society organizations doing work in the area of reproductive health and maternal health, health service providers and the MoH officials.
The event will be largely  informal and will take two parts;
Part One:
– A launch of an info-graphic on unsafe abortion in Uganda
-A panel/talk show discussion by different persons who are stake holders  or have been affected by unsafe abortion, that is, a health service provider, a legal expert, MoH technocrat, a girl or woman who has survived an unsafe abortion, a parent/ family member
Part Two;
– Discussion of a way forward by the participants with resulting into a resolution
– A vigil with candle light to remember all those who lost their lives due to unsafe abortion
 Anticipated Impact of the activitry
-Consolidtaing and solidifying the commitment of the MoH to address the publichealth crisi of unsfae abortion as a major contributor to unsafe abortion
– Stake holders and participants present will be able to have their values clarified and anegative attitudes transformed as we hope to have agroup values clarification exercise.
-That there will be dissemination of information relating to unsafe abortion and theexpected impact here is that the participants and public understanding will be fostered